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Advanced Skin Analysis

Advanced Skin Imaging With Image Pro III

Complete Clinical Skin Analysis Advanced, all-digital Triple Spectral Skin Analysis allows you to view and report client’s pore and wrinkle depth, pigmentation, vascularity, texture, porphyrin, skin moisture content, sebum and more, all with incredible accuracy.
Intense magnification using a 16-megapixel-imaging array reveals extensive detail, making recommendations for laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, neurotoxins, fillers and cosmeceuticals simple and easy to explain.

• Examine targeted areas under intense magnification in normal, polarized, and UV light
• Create multiple, high-quality views of the face
• Map, measure and analyze fine lines, pigmentation, and vascularity
• Evaluate skin tone and texture

As Seen On “The Doctors” TV Show, Scanning Dr. Phil’s Head with the Image Pro 3D System!

Financing available for different procedure through Advance Care Card.


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