Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening With ZOOM!®


ZOOM!® is one of the fastest whitening systems available. This powerful in-office whitening treatment takes only about an hour, allowing you to quickly enhance the beauty of your smile and get on with your day. At our office serving The Tampa Bay and surrounding areas, ZOOM!® teeth whitening through bleaching is performed through the application of a hydrogen peroxide gel. After the gel has been applied to your teeth, it is exposed to a special laser. This laser successfully breaks down the hydrogen peroxide in the gel, which allows air into the tooth enamel to enhance the teeth bleaching result.

We take before and after photos of your teeth so both you and our staff can document the whitening results. Patients who undergo ZOOM!® teeth whitening through bleaching at our practice serving Tampa, Clearwater and surrounding communities, are able to leave our office with smiles they love. Many of our patients who had previously felt self-conscious about their teeth enjoy new-found self-confidence.

Sessions Price
1 Session $99
3 Sessions $199


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